De-silting of canal in district Badin hits snags

Talhar, Sindh: The process of canal de-silting and repair of embankments in different areas of Badin district has hit snags and the growers fear shortage of water in tail-end areas on one hand and threats of canal breach on the other.

As a result, it is the usual practice of irrigation department to close Akram Canal and Phuleli Canal from Kotri barrage to that the whole network of canals in the district could be de-silted and their weak embankments repaired. However, the growers said that the de-silting of Nasir Shaakh canal, Manik Shaakh canal, Lundo Shaakh, Ahsan Shaakh, Jamali Shaakh, Mir Wah Canal, Chandi Shaakh, Shadi Small Shaakh, Shadi Large Shaakh, Khonharo Wah Canal and other small canals and the repair of their embankments have yet to be completed.

They feared that when water is released in these canals it would hardly reach the tail-end areas, besides the chances of canal breach would increase due to absence of de-silting. They requested the Sindh irrigation department to ensure early completion of canal embankment repair and de-silting work.