Debris, garbage behind Sindh Secretariat yet to be lifted

KARACHI: Piles of trash and debris just behind the Sindh Secretariat Tughlaq House building could not be lifted despite passage of many weeks. The growing garbage piles not only given the area a sorry look but also blocked smooth flow of traffic.

The back wall area of Sindh Secretariat Tughlaq House has become a filthy locality due to negligence of garbage lifting staff. Heaps of trash and debris just behind the Tughlaq House building is a lingering municipal issue; however, the concerned agencies are reluctant to address it.

In past a trash dump was constructed over a Nullah but due to inefficiency of garbage collecting staff and lack of civic sense of the citizens living in the vicinity heaps of garbage are found on the main street, even to the extent that they block smooth flow of traffic. The cement slabs over the bridge of Nullah were removed in last monsoon season, but yet to be properly placed. There are big gaps between these slabs, causing chances of falling of pedestrians and motorcycles into the Nullah through these gasping spaces.

There are piles of building debris resting on the back wall of Tughlaq House but they are not being removed despite passage of a long time. This garbage area is the heaven of drug addicts and scavengers. The area is badly lit in night and criminals snatch mobile phones and other valuables from people on this street after dusk.

Besides, trash and piles of debris, junk vehicles of some motor mechanic shops have also been parked here for years. They not only block the traffic flow, but they may also create serious security concerns as antisocial elements may throw or hide anything here with quite an ease.

The provincial government, especially the Sindh chief secretary, should take notice of the issue and order removal of garbage, trash hills, debris and junk material from this area on priority.

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