Debris street’ behind Tughlaq House yet to be cleaned

Karachi: A filthy street with trash and debris hills and abandoned junk vehicles just behind the Tughlaq House of Sindh Secretariat, the headquarters of provincial government, is yet to be cleaned despite passage a more than a month.

The provincial government of Sindh is stressing the need of efficient solid waste management and giving citizens hygienic environment, but heaps of filth and debris resting on the walls of its very headquarters show the wide gap between rhetoric and action of the inefficient bureaucracy.

Traditionally the areas around central offices of government are kept mirror clean, as these areas provide living evidence of the effectiveness of the governance. Poor sanitary conditions, strewn filth and mounting hills of trash and debris in the vicinity of provincial government headquarters is a serious matter. The media has been highlighting this issue for long but the Sindh local government, KMC and district South are least concerned about this sensitive matter.

The garbage hills in the backyard of Tughlaq House of Sindh Secretariat are also popular gathering place of intravenous drug users, pickpockets, street criminals and other antisocial elements. Dozens of junk vehicles of nearby mechanics are also parked on this filthy street besides the back wall of Tughlaq House and they are a serious security threat for the provincial government offices working in the Tughlaq House, but despite highlighting of this issue in media the concerned security agencies are not taking any action to remove these junked vehicles.

Proper lifting of garbage and removal of debris hills and junk would not only give this ‘debris street’ adjoining the provincial government headquarter a civic and respectable look, but is would also improve the flow of traffic on this busy street and also minimize the security threats of this highly sensitive area.

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