Different political parties in Fata to launch a decisive movement against load shedding

Peshawar: Different political parties on Monday decided to launch a decisive movement against intolerable and unscheduled power off that has multiplied miseries of the tribal.

TESCO and political administration intentionally ignore tribesmen demands for provision of power supply to ease their sufferings in the chilly weather.

People would be organized to come to the roads and initiate peaceful protests to convey their massage to the concerned authorities. These views were expressed by the local political leaders in all parties’ in a joint press conference held here in Landi Kotal press club on Sunday.

Awami National Party ANP Khyber Agency chapter President Shah Hussein Shinwari said that in the first phase the administration will be approach for forthwith resume of electricity to Landi Kotal and in case of negative response there will be no other option but to bring the people to the roads to protest against the injustice of the TESCO authorities.

We will no more turn blind eyes towards the main problems, electricity and potable water being faced by the tribal, he vowed. The outsiders are busy collecting millions from the area, while the local settlers are serving their lives below the poverty line, he regretted.

“The tribesmen can no more sustain the discrimination on the part of the TESCO,” he remarked.

Jamaat e Islami naib ameer FATA Zarnoor Afridi warned that if the self made crises of power will not end soon in Khyber by the concerned authorities than general movement will be launched against government, TESCO and the administration. Constant power off if on one hand has created famine of drinking water on other hand it has brought complete standstill to all daily business of the tribal, he opined.

Obstinacy on the part of TESCO has forced the local dwellers to shift to down town in Peshawar and other parts of the country, he added.

He further added that the common tribal people would be mobilized to support the political parties by participating in their demonstration so that TESCO and administration authorities could no more exploit the basic rights of the backward tribal people.

Tehreek-e-Insaaf, Landi Kotal chapter leader Abdurrazzaq came hard on TESCO and WAPDA and asked it to halt forthwith the unfair game of depriving the tribal people of their basic right of electricity.

Huge and without audit income has been received from the local tribesmen on their daily used commodities on every single check post but ironically they have been kept underprivileged of their basic needs which is step mother behaviour towards them, he argued.

He called upon the administration not to test patience of the tribal and make sure provision of power supply to them in earliest hours.

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