Directives issued for better traffic management

KARACHI: Additional Inspector General of Police (AIGP), Traffic Sindh, Karachi, Syed Zakir Hussain, has issued directives to Traffic Police Karachi for devolving system of traffic management, including traffic congestion, road accidents and road safety.

In the instructions, AIGP Traffic Sindh Karachi said that the road making of Zebra crossing and stop lines within the city have been found irregular and improper. “They should be regularized by deploying a sufficient staff to instruct the motorists for obeying the same. These markings should be raised at further places where it is necessary according to traffic point of view.”

He said that the lectures on road safety should be organized for the awareness of drivers and general public. In addition to above for the awareness of general public about road safety, pamphlets and hoardings should be installed with useful inscription at the places where traffic is observed in routine.

Hussain said all traffic districts shall pay their special attention on the entry of heavy vehicles within the city and if found plying during the restricted hours, the violators should be punished in accordance with the law.

“All field officers, including DSPs, shall arrange ‘no parking boards’ with symbol and install them along the roads where business, shopping and fast food centers, and others are running their business for stopping the culture of double and triple parking causing road obstruction and inconvenience to the roads users. They should be allowed to park their vehicles at a designated place in a single queue,” he said.

Hussain said: “If the complaints are received about congestion and traffic jams due to above violation, the relevant section officers, including DSPs, will be supposed held responsible of such congestion/traffic jam in his respective areas.”

DIGP Traffic Karachi has already been instructed to start the services of SMS alerts and utilize the option of FM radio for delivering advanced information to the public in case of traffic jam, if reported with the request to utilize the substitute road as proposed by the traffic police.

“In this connection, he is further requested to prepare a plan how to facilitate it or in case of any assistance if requires from this office. To bring further improvement in the system of traffic management, it is quite essential and foremost duties of all traffic police that they should take part into either independently or jointly for providing the best services in public interest,” Hussain concluded.

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