Doctor leader opposes withdrawal of tax rebate

KARACHI: Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) leader Dr Samrina Hashmi on Thursday said the proposal of withdrawing 75 percent tax rebate on the salaries of teachers and researchers will be a national disaster if implemented and offset the gains made in education, research and healthcare services.

In a statement, she said in 2000-01, the government introduced tax rebate of 75 percent to full-time teachers and researchers as a strategy to put a hold on the outflow of some of the best talent in the country including educationists, researchers, doctors, nurses, engineers, and other professionals who were migrating out of the country.

She said this step has helped in retention of trained professionals whose pay scales are low in Pakistan as compared to the developed world and the Gulf region. This has also helped to raise the standards of teaching, research, health services, and other professional services in the country.

She said federal government announcement in the draft finance bill of withdrawal of tax subsidy to full time teachers and researchers. She said if this is implemented, it will lead to severe brain drain from country.

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