Drugs (Pak‚ Afghanistan‚ Russia‚ Tajikistan to fight drug trafficking collectively)

Islamabad: Pakistan‚ Afghanistan‚ Russia and Tajikistan have agreed to develop coordination as per the UN framework to fight against drug trafficking and its legalization.

The heads of anti-drug agencies of all four countries met in Islamabad on Thursday and formally decided to continue the cooperation for implementation of the anti-drug strategy of member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization 2011-2016.

As per the joint statement issued after the meeting‚ all four countries have also agreed to focus on targeted fight against transnational organized drug crime with the aim to undermine the infrastructure of drug trafficking and to eliminate the supply of drugs.

It is also focused on efforts on border security through latest technological means and continued cooperation in training and retraining of anti-drug agencies.

After the meeting‚ Secretary Ministry of Interior and Narcotics Control‚ Muhammad Akbar Khan emphasized the need to control on this menace and said drug money is being spent on terrorism. He said smuggling of drugs can be controlled by joint the efforts.

Next meeting of the anti-drug agencies of all four countries will be held in 2014 in Russia.

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