EC: ECP takes serious notice on various violations

Islamabad: The Election Commission of Pakistan on Wednesday took serious notice on various violations of its directives pertaining to election’s code of conduct.

According to directives issued on January 22, 2013 all kinds of recruitments in any Ministry, Division, Department or Institution of the Federal Government or any Department or Institution of any Provincial and Local governments is banned forthwith except recruitments by the Federal or a Provincial Public Service Commission.

Beside diversion of funds already allocated to various development projects in the country is banned forthwith and the spending of funds so diverted shall stand frozen forthwith. According to a press release print and electronic media had issued several news of above directives violations.

The Election Commission took serious notice asked the Secretary Cabinet Division; the Secretary, Ministry of Railways, and the Chief Secretary, Government of Sindh to offer their comments, in this regard, within next seven days, for placing the same before the Election Commission of Pakistan.

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