ECP asks governments to extend full assistance to the DRO, RO and Assistant Returning Officers

Peshawar: The Election Commission of Pakistan has announced schedule for general election2013 on
2232013 to the National and Provincial Assemblies to be held on 1152013.

In view of the Article 220 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and in pursuance to the directive of the Election Commission of Pakistan the Deputy Commissioners, District Police Officers and all other departments of Provincial Government are required to extend full assistance to the District Returning Officers, Returning Officers and Assistant Returning Officers appointed for the election so as to enable them effectively organize and hold the subject election in
free, fair and transparent manner.

The following instructions regarding assistance to the Returning Officer may be complied within letter and spirit.

The executive authorities in the Federation and in the provinces shall not use state resources anywhere in Pakistan for unfair advantage of any contesting candidate or a political party during an election, no person in the service of Pakistan shall misuse his official position in any manner calculated to influence the results of an election.

No person shall openly or in secretly give any subscription or donation, or make promise for giving such subscription or donation to any institution nor shall commit to under take any development project for the advancement of the campaign of a candidate of his choice and thereby influence the results of the election.

Transfers and posting of civil servants including police officers shall not be made after issuance of schedule for an election till completion of the election process. In urgent cases prior permission of the ECP will be obtained.

The Prime Minister, Chief Ministers, Federal Ministers, State Ministers, Advisors to the President and the Prime Minister, Provincial Ministers and Advisors to the Chief Ministers will not visit the area of any constituency where an election is being held, after issuance of schedule and till completion of the election process.

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