Education Canada exhibition begins

KARACHI: The first of its kind ‘Education Canada exhibition’ that starts in Pakistan with representatives from over 20 universities are participating in it. The event is supported by the High Commission of Canada in Pakistan.

The exhibition, comprising a series of one-day events to be held at Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, commences from the Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi on 2nd October, moving on to the Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore on October 5, 2013 and finally concluding at Islamabad Serena Hotel on October 6, 2013. Entry to the exhibition is free of charge.

Canada has emerged as the new foreign education destination with Canadian institutions actively engaged around the world as leaders and partners in research, education consulting, administration, student exchange, language or vocational training, and academic-industry collaboration.

According to a new index devised by ‘The Economist – Intelligence Unit’, Canada’s city of Montreal tops the list of the world’s leading universities like Oxford and Cambridge, UK or Boston, US. This is partly due to the quality of its educational experience. But like many of the Canadian cities in the ranking that benefit from Canada’s welcoming
immigration policies, Montreal also scores well on its ability to offer students a rich post-graduate work experience.

Due to its education friendly policies, many students have started opting for Canadian universities and, while considering this demand, this initiative has been taken to setup an ideal representation of Canadian universities to interact Pakistani young minds face to face.

The event, is scheduled at a strategic time, which coincides with the admission drive in education institutes and will be attracting students from various academia, seeking information, coordination and enrolment details from Canadian universities.

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