Eye infections on the rise in monsoon: expert

KARACHI: Eye related infections are common in monsoon season in the country but the number of cases are increasing day by day since last several years due to dust, wind, uses of contact lenses and air pollutants which caused mild itching, redness in eyes to severe watering and swelling of eyelids.

Talking to PPI, Medical Director of Pakistan Eye Bank Society Dr Qazi Wasiq said that eye related infections like viral Conjunctivitis, dry eyes, eye sty and cross infection over use contact lenses are widespread in rainy season in Pakistan due to dust and air pollution.

He said any kind of slackness in treatment of these infections could affect the eye-sight of patients. He urged the people to keep an anti-bacterial lotion by your side when you go outdoors for some work.

He said eye infections usually occur due to a viral infection in monsoon which is transferred from infected person to other people. He urged people to wash the eyes with clean water and also avoid touching the eyes. He said these infections can be serious if not treated immediately, so visiting ophthalmologist is mandatory for anyone with the above symptoms.

Qazi Wasiq advised people to visit ophthalmologist for examination as occasionally there can be sight-threatening complications. He said patients need to be careful and use separate towels and handkerchiefs in case of eye infection.

He further advised people to wear sun-glasses with Ultra-Violet (UV) protection screen while going outdoors to shield your eyes from harmful UV rays which cause damage to the eyes.

He said using colourful contact lenses in infected eyes in rainy season is very harmful for eye-sight and urged the women to discontinue using contact lenses when you have an infection. He said make sure you cleaned the lens thoroughly before putting them back into your eyes. He said protective measures are the only way to prevent eye infection during monsoon.

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