Five KWSB officers axed on pubic complaints

Karachi: Managing Director Karachi Water & Sewerage Board Misbahuddin Farid visited Pak Colony, Baldia and District West to find out about citizen’s problems and inspect the water supply situation in these areas.

Upon receiving various public complaints against 5 KW&SB officers and staff he suspended the said KW&SB employees on the charges of operating Illegal Hydrant and Corruption. An Enquiry Committee comprising of three officers has been established.

M.D KW&SB was visiting the areas to inspect the areas after receiving various complaints against the said officers. The illegal hydrant operated by these KW&SB employees was causing shortage of drinking water in Baldia town.

M.D Misbahuddin during his visit checked the records and suspended Acting XEN Mushtaq Shaikh, Akbar Hydrant Incharge Baldia, Abdul Jabbar Valveman, Abdul Ghafoor Slip Writer Baldi and Jawed Mangi HTM division without pay in the presence of residents.

A three member Enquiry Committee comprising of Chief Engineer West Ovais Malik, S.E Hub Filter Plant Manzoor Yameen and S.E Meter Division Tariq Lateef. This committee would present their report to M.D KW&SB after looking into the facts and evidence of this matter.

During the visit M.D KW&SB directed that in order to ensure that these areas don’t face water shortage Legal Hydrants would now operation between 8:00pm 2:00am. He said that any KW&SB Employees found involved in corruption or asking for bribe would face strict legal actions.

M.D KW&SB wrote a letter to Deputy Inspector General Police DIG West West to carry out an operation, with the help of Rangers, against illegal hydrants operating in District West since Mangho Pir and Masroor Base also face shortage of water due to these illegal hydrants.

Later on, he directed DMD Technical Services to ensure that the Sewerage System in the city is working properly, manholes are covered and broken manholes are repaired immediately. He said that field officers must stay in their areas in order to ensure that citizens of Karachi don’t face shortage of water during summers.

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