Follow up efforts urged to get fruits of US visit

Karachi: Chairman S.I.T.E. Association, Younus M. Bashir has appealed to the government to take the due advantage of the historical visit of Prime Minister, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif to the US.

In a statement here Tuesday, he said: “It has been our tradition that we never follow up this kind of meetings and bring it to an end as and when we come back to Pakistan”.

He was of the opinion that a strong follow up program must be initiated to encash the visit in real terms. He said, “ It is necessary to create a win-win situation for both the countries, we need to find out the sustainable long term solution to our energy and economic crisis”.

He proposed that a strong delegation of businessmen must visit Washington to maintain the continuity and follow up.

He asked for forming committees at the level of Senators/ members of the Assembly, congressmen and businessmen. These committees would act as bridge between the two governments and would work for implementation of the decision taken during the meeting.

Special committee for trade related matters, particularly for reviewing the custom tariff at American ports for the Pakistani products with the particular reference to the textile and textile products, should also be constituted.

He said, “Today Pakistan’s exports of textile are only 3 to 4.6% of the total imports of the textile by the US”. He further said by creating positive attitude of Washington as well as textile producers, this is only possible if Pakistan conducts seminars, conferences and road shows explaining the enhancement and export would not damage the local industry and it would only replace the imports from the world at large, at the same time, it is imperative to make Washington to understand that Pakistan’s support on sustainable basis is only possible when trade is further enhanced and they also need to understand job creation in Pakistan is of utmost importance in curbing terrorism and lawlessness in Pakistan.

While appreciating the contribution of US in various energy related projects, he said, “By entering into dialogue with the giant companies of US in energy sector, I am sure the US energy sector is not aware of the opportunities and resources available in Pakistan. A road show/ conference on energy opportunities in Pakistan need to be held at Washington whereby Thar Coal with 20% return in Dollar terms, wind energy with 17% return and opportunities in hydel electricity plus the conversion of the existing furnace oil power plants into coal needs to be presented”. He said, “I am sure that although energy never has a short term solution and even for short term solution, one has to start on one particular day”.

He appealed to Prime Minister to continue the follow up very seriously, which will definitely bring in the required results for progressive, prosperous and productive Pakistan.

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