Garbage collection needs serious attention to check diseases

Karachi: Diseases are rising in Karachi due to compromised garbage collection in the city, while Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) and other related agencies are not taking needed steps to improve the situation.

Malaria, dengue, stomach diseases, chest infections and other ailments are on rise in almost all localities of the city. The OPDs of all major hospitals, as well as, private clinics are seen crowded due to raise in disease rate.

The major concern of the city is the outbreak of dengue as so far 13 patients have already expired from this disease, while a large number of patients admitted in different private and government hospitals. The private hospitals charge high fees for treatment of dengue, and on average some reputed charge about Rs500000 for each admitted dengue patient, said an insider on condition of anonymity. He said these hospitals also order all types of laboratory tests, both necessary and unnecessary, increasing the burden for patients. In the government hospitals, though the treatment is not so costly, but the attitude of doctors and paramedics is a bit aloof and sanitary condition highly poor.

Experts say if the municipal authorities take attention to sanitary conditions and garbage collection the ratio of diseases could be brought down considerably.

Dr Zeeshan Ansari of Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) said sadly the sanitary conditions are very poor not in streets but also in government hospitals. He said ideally these hospitals should be role model of infection control, but in reality they serve as infection spreaders. He said even a healthy person can catch an infection if he visits a government hospital or dispensary with poor sanitary conditions.

He asked the government particularly municipal authorities to give focus to this issue and ensure proper sweeping of streets, collections of garbage, cleaning of chocked gutters and sewerage lines to stop the spread of communicable diseases in Karachi and other cities.

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