Ghinwa opens party office in Naundero

NAUNDERO: PPPSB Chairperson Ghinwa Bhutto, after inaugurating her party’s first office here on Thursday, has said that people would not take part in the general elections due to the current bad law and order situation & policies of the government in the country.

She further said that during the regimes of Mughals, British and Usmania, the conditions were also very critical and now the Americans are also facing the same situation.

Talking to Media, she said that the American policies had great effects on the Pakistani government policies and they US always think of their own interests only and so are Pakistani governments. She further said that Pakistan rulers are also thinking just to improve their bank deposits and they don’t think of the betterment of Pakistani people, specially people of Sindh as their vision is limited.

She further said that the purpose of establishing PPPSB office in Naundero is to bring an end to the terror of those who governed for five years but did nothing for the citizens. She further said that wicked people killed Murtaza Bhutto and then assassinated Benazir Bhutto, and those people benefitted from these martyrdoms.

She further said that those sitting in Naundero House today are afraid of people as they cannot go to the graves of Bhutto Shuhda during their long stays here. She further said that Bhutto House was the house of people in the past but the rulers constructed tall walls from all four corners that people can only watch it standing far away which is against the Bhutto traditions and added that this means end of the rulers who did nothing for their voters and supporters.

PPPSB Secretary General Sindh Inayat Umrani, Ghulam Hyder Narejo, Abdul Razak Mohil, Waryam Channa, Salim Chana and others were also present.

She also visited and addressed corner meetings in villages of Ismail Khakhrani, Khan Wah, Sallar Bhutto, Wasayo Jeho and others.

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