Girl students deprived of annual stipend

NAUNDERO: Students of Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Naundero, have complained that they have not yet received Rs2500 stipend which had been announced by Sindh government last year.

Every female students from class VI to X were awaiting this this amount to improve their attendance and generate their interest towards education to improve literacy rate in the province. As many as 1500 girls were enrolled in the above category and worst affected are their parents who are either vendors, labourers or poor enough that they prefer to send their daughters to work in various houses to earn livelihood for supporting their povertyridden families but the government has not paid them annual amount of Rs:250000 since last year due to which most of them remain off the school and attendance has reduced considerably. Students revealed that whole Larkana district students have not been given this stipend since last year due to unknown reasons.

Another problem which has severely hit the education is shortage of teaching staff in this school as no Maths, Biology, Chemistry or Physics teachers are available for classes IX and X to teach these most vital subjects thus the students are deprived of all these science subjects to keep them away from scientific knowledge wilfully which is horrific and unbecoming of a government which claims to represent the people. Many of the books given by the government free of cost have been distributed among the students but so many of them are still without these books and many have not yet received complete course books due to which they have been forced to procure from the market which too negates the governments established policy and violation of Sindh Education Minister’s directives.

Wash rooms for female students are totally filthy with extremely bad smell and outdated as if never washed by a female sanitary worker as only two male sweepers are posted here. One Malhi is working but the lawns are in shabby condition and desks are cleaned by the female students themselves regularly in the morning due to which their precious time is wasted.

The post of Principal BPS19 of this school where more than 1800 students are getting education is occupied by a Subject Specialist BPS17 which is sheer violation of government rules due to which mismanagement is rampant in the most important school which is located in the home town of Bhutto leaders and the Sindh Government has done nothing in the home town of their leaders to improve the conditions prevailing here though they are in power since last six years.

The notables of this evergrowing town have demanded of the government to pay attention to this school immediately to improve the standard of education and resolve all problems without further loss of time or it will be too late for them.

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