Grand Tribal Jirga: PA agrees to release 24 persons of Bara

Peshawar: During Grand Tribal Jirga between Political Administration Khyber Agency and tribal elders on Thursday government agreed to release 24 persons arrested from Bara however Jirga did not reach to a solution on other demands including opening of Bara Bazar and stoppage of mortar shelling in Bara.

Elder from different tribes and political parties in Khyber Agency once again stick to their main demands and urged government to stop mortar shelling in Khyber Agency’s Tehsil Bara and open Bara Bazar to restore peoples’ confidence on the steps taken for restoration of peace in Bara.

However political agents said that he had already discussed both of the demands with the high ups and the followups will be discussed in the next session of Jirga which to be held on January 30th.

He asked the leaders if they were ready to give assurance of peace in Bara government would stop shelling and operation in Bara.

JI former Amir for Bara Shafaisal Afridi said that shelling is causing collateral damage therefore it should be stopped to protect innocents lives. He urged for opening of Bara Bazar.

Iqbal Afridi of Tehreek-e-Insaf said that mere payment of compensation to bereaved families would not be enough to heal the wounds of the affectees. He said if Political Agent was not in position to fulfill their demands they were ready to go to other forum.

Finally Jirga members in order to avoid deadlock agreed to discuss the main two demands on January 30th following which future line of action will be devised.

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