Hamza Cricket Academy holds protest demonstration against Khyber Cricket Association

Peshawar: Hamza Cricket Academy members alleged that Khyber Cricket Association made unfair and biased decision against their team in final match at Jamrud.

They demanded of the concerned quarters to take action against the concerned players and empires of the final match at Jamrud , which was played the other day.

The protest demonstration was held in front of Landikotal press club here on Tuesday to record their protest against the organizers of the tournament.

Taimur Afridi, the accused player, while defending the empire said that every thing was decided under PCB rules and regulations, adding there was every thing fair and no foul had been observed.

Separately, the Independent panel of teachers led by Gulab Deen Khan has rejected the elections of the teachers association held three days back. He accused the election committee for not making arrangements for female teachers and other male teachers serving in the far-flung areas of Khyber Agency.

He accused the election committee that it was unfair and illegal democratically to debar female teachers t cast their vote, saying every one had one vote irrespective of gender discrimination.

While rejecting the election results of the teachers association at Khyber, he said that fresh mandate must be sought to sort out the issue and confusion; otherwise, he said they would comply with the union leaders. He also urged the education officers not to recognize the union election and the accused body until fresh elections for the union leaders are held in Khyber Agency.

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