Hindu family embraces Islam

Daherki: A Hindu family embraced Islam at Dargah Aalia Bharchondi at Chak 79.

Shabeer Jee, his wife Aabgo, three sons Bablu, Kajal, Agan and daughter Pesho came at Dargah Aalia Bharchondi and embraced the Islam before Caretaker of Dargah, Pir Abdul Khaliq Qadri.

Their Islamic names were changed as Shabeer Ahmed (Shabee Jee), Mai Sakeena ( Abgo), Mohub Ali (Bablu), Jamaluddin (Kajal), Noor Hassan (Agan) and Shabnam (Pesho).

Those who embraced the Islam told media that they had great love with the Islam which preaches for love and they had accepted Islam as per their will.