Hungarian Ambassador for more Pakistan-Hungary economic cooperation

Islamabad: The Ambassador of Hungary Mr Istvan Szabo has said that bilateral economic cooperation between Pakistan and Hungary has picked up adding there is large untapped potentials in the economic field of the two countries.

He said bilateral economic cooperation has picked up during the last decade as the relations of Pakistan and Hungary look back to a fairly long history as diplomatic ties were created in 1965.

The Ambassador stated this in his message on the occasion of the National day of Hungary. He was of the view that our relationships had been based on even earlier ties between Hungarians and those living in this part of the world.

”Let me refer here only to the fact that the first registrar of the Punjab University was the Hungarian professor Dr. G.W. Leitner or that another renowned scholar of Hungarian origin Sir Aurel Stein also used to be registrar of this university.

I would also like to refer here to the life and work of those internationally acknowledged orientalists, historians, scholars and travellers, among them Alexander Csoma de Korös, Hermann Wamberger, Charles Fabri and Julius Abdulkerim Germanus, whose extensive work in the region contributed significantly to the better understanding of Islam as well as the richness and complexity of the Indian Subcontinent”.

Mr Istvan Szabo observed that although there were ups and downs in the development of our bilateral relations in the last four and a half decades, high level interaction between our countries got new impulses in the nineties with elected democratic governments being at helms in both of our countries.

” With a new government installed after the first democratic handover in Pakistan’s history in May this year we are looking forward to follow up on these mutual high level interactions in the near future”,he added.

He was of the view that bilateral economic cooperation has also picked up during the last decade. and the evolving international economic crises had pushed the bilateral trade turnover somewhat over the past few years, but the foundations of a mutually beneficial relationship have been laid.

”I am sure that there are large, untapped potentials in the bilateral economic cooperation of the two countries which I intend to mobilize with the help of the business communities in both Pakistan and Hungary”,he expressed his resolve.

The Hungarian Envoy opined that an important element in our bilateral economic cooperation is the presence and successful operation of the largest Hungarian company, MOL in Pakistan.

The gas and oil reserves uncovered by it during its 14 years tenure in the country and the amount of gas and oil produced and processed by the company by now considerably contribute to easing the energy shortages of Pakistan and to the fulfilment of the country’s future energy needs.

He said MOL Pakistan not only offers employment in its area of operation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, but also provides direct assistance to ease the day-to-day lives of the people living there through its significant CSR programmes.

The Ambassador was of the view that Pakistan, though facing many challenges, has great potential and almost infinite natural and human resources. With the help of existing democratic institutions and rule of law an environment conducive for long term development of the country will be created that brings about wellbeing, peace and equal opportunities for all its citizens.

He said ”On behalf of the Embassy of Hungary, the Hungarian people and all Hungarians in Pakistan I wish great successes in their endeavours for peace and prosperity to the people of Pakistan on the occasion of the National Day of Hungary”.

He said this day is in fact the anniversary of two events, First and foremost that of the day, 23 of October in 1956 when the Hungarian people rose to fight for freedom and democracy to topple a brutal and authoritarian regime forced on the country from outside.

However heroic the struggle of the Hungarian freedom fighters was the Revolution was eventually been put down by the overwhelming force of an outside power that came to the rescue of dictatorship.

Secondly, but equally importantly this day is the anniversary of the realization of the dreams of the 1956 Revolution and Freedom Fight, the declaration of the free and democratic Republic of Hungary 33 years later on the same day in 1989.

The value of this transition is further augmented by the fact that it came through a peaceful process without a trace of violence that demonstrated that change reflected the common will of the entire society.

”The necessary amendments to the constitution and the creation of the new, democratic institutions were agreed upon through negotiations by the governing and the opposition political forces and a so called third side representing different walks of the society at a round table. When all was done and the new parliament was democratically elected, the first president of newly democratic Hungary declared the Third Republic of Hungary on 23 October 1989”,he added .

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