Illegal bus terminals thrive in Karachi

Karachi: Illegal bus terminals are thriving in Karachi, as the government is yet to give serious attention to the pending issue of shifting all illegal bus terminals out of the city. The projects of constructing at least three modern bus terminals out of the city limits were conceived during the city government tenure of ex-city nazim Karachi Niamatullah Khan Advocate; however, saving the bus terminal at Yusuf Goth, RCD highway, the remaining two bus terminals one each on Superhighway and National Highway are still in limbo.

However, hundreds of illegal bus terminals have mushroomed in different localities of Karachi from where thousands of passenger buses operate for different upcountry destinations. These illegal bus terminals cause immense problems for Karachiites and are considered on the major causes of traffic jams in the city. The majority of the illegal bus terminals are situated in district South Karachi, particularly in Saddar and Cantt Station areas. It is said that if only the illegal bus terminals are removed the 30percent of traffic jams in district South would automatically end.

Similarly, the major illegal bus terminal of Suhrab Goth, Superhighway is another major blockade for smooth flow traffic, particularly vehicles leaving or coming from upcountry destinations. Despite several assurances from the concerned civic agencies this big illegal bus terminal could not be shifted as yet.

The provincial government and the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) should take urgent steps to shift all illegal bus terminals from the city to facilitate citizens and help in reduction of traffic jams.

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