Importance of Defence Day (Pakistan Observer)

TO the Pakistani nation, the Defence Day is about an ex traordinary show displayed by the uniformed men and the civil society alike. This day reminds of the great glory Pakistan had achieved by repulsing the Indian attack. After 50 years of the 1965 War, the brave are celebrating the golden jubilee of the victory. Be it the zeal of the civilians at the time of war or the valour of the forces, the morale was too high to be challenged by any physical attacks.

The whole nation stood by the army and provided any services they could. To the world, it might just be another war fought between two hostile neighbours but to Pakistan as a state it leaves a legacy that passes on to generations. This war symbolizes dignity, strength, discipline and unity of the masses of the homeland. Wars are fought for saving the ideology. It was the clarity in the minds of people that led them to sacrifice everything for their country.

The war started back then has not ended. It has just changed its form. Former war was with guns, tanks and bombs the recent war is psychological, media oriented. The enemy knows that they are ineligible to defeat this army of lions in the battlefield. So now their focus changed and they started attacking the ideology. This media war is not only fought from their own channels but they also have their mouth pieces in the country who best serve their motives. Yet these tactics also seem futile due to the strong devotion Pakistanis have for the Motherland.

The task of the army has not been confined to border security only. Although, the Eastern borders have been the apple of discord throughout the history. The recent border skirmishes on the Line of Control can never be ignored. Many civilian lives have also been claimed due to the cross border firing. Thus this animosity not only affects the uniformed personnel but also the layman. Having said that the internal situation within Pakistan deteriorated over the period of time for which serious steps needed to be taken.

The Operation Zarb-e-Azb which started in June 2014 has been running successfully in the tribal areas of Pakistan. Many terrorist hideouts have been raided and a major blow has been caused to their support groups towards the Western borders. This is the sole reason a sharp decline has been observed in terrorist attacks in other parts of Pakistan as well.

The backup which supported the criminals in major cities of Pakistan has now receded. The armed forces have ferociously leashed upon the tyrants who did not even spare innocent children from their barbaric attack.

The South of Pakistan always remained in turmoil due to the irresponsible attitude of the political parties governing there. Sectarian violence, target killing and mob attacks were the daily news. People had started migrating from Karachi or even if the lived there, they avoided moving out.

Karachi was handed over to Rangers. Raids on Nine zero and the sophisticated weaponry found there turned out to be an eye opener for the whole nation. They understood who had destroyed the peace of Karachi. The tiring efforts of Rangers bore fruit and law and order situation has greatly improved in Karachi.

Pakistan faces the problem of floods almost every year. Whenever immediate rescue is needed, Pakistan army is there for the affected. The recent floods in Gilgit Baltistan is the best example where the army chief himself visited the devastated lands. This effort is not confined to Pakistan only. When earthquakes had struck Nepal, it was the Pakistan army who had field camps there. So in order to pay homage to their services Nepalese named their newborns as Lahore and Pakistan. The medical corps went to African continent in order to cure the Ebola virus patients. The polio campaign is yet another example when Pakistan army was successful in molding minds of people to vaccine their children which they considered as sin prior to the campaign.

These five decades post war have been very challenging not only for the Pakistan army but for the nation as a whole. There was not a single battle ground to be fought rather the army had to make sure its presence on the multi grounds. Ranging from the improved infrastructure within the country to countering the world propaganda against Pakistan, army is doing it all in the best possible way. China Pakistan Economic Corridor and The Gwadar Project are ones of their own kind. They will help Pakistan in becoming hub of economic activities. The unemployment rate would decrease and the revenue of Pakistan would increase.

This year, the celebrations would be real. The festivities would be grand. The defenders have not only proved to be the defenders of the boundaries but the defenders of nation as a whole. They have protected the masses from being affected by the negative propaganda. They have responded to every threat and have made this land a peaceful heaven. Masses feel safe and sound. The nation stands shoulder to shoulder with the armed forces.

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