Imran issues condemnation of latest price “bomb” dropped on the people by PMLN

Peshawar: Chairman PTI, Imran Khan today issued a strong condemnation of the latest price “bomb” dropped on the people of Pakistan by the PMLN government. The electricity price hike is an Un precedent increase in price never before seen in Pakistan with the middle class consumer has been hit the hardest.

In some cases the bills of middle class consumers will more than double as a result of this brutal price hike.

The increases in prices that is continuing, is criminal because it is not just making the citizens pay for the cost of electricity but also the cost of corruption and incompetence

Therefore this latest increase in electricity and fuel prices is yet another step in the anti poor & anti middle class policies of the PML N government.

Khan pointed out that the first such discriminatory step was taken in the budget in which GST and other indirect taxes were increased along with the previous round of oil and electricity price increases, the forced devaluation of the rupee and the unprecedented note printing in the first 3 months of this government.

Khan asserted that instead of cracking down on power theft, recovering the bills of defaulters, increasing the tax net by recovering dues from tax evaders and taking measures to make use of the changed international laws to recover the illegitimate wealth stashed abroad by Pakistanis, the government just keeps on taking one anti people measure after another to make the lives of the people of Pakistan miserable.

Khan said PTI demands that this criminal and unjustifiable increase in electricity prices is reversed with immediate effect “We also demand that the govt explain to the nation why fuel prices have been increased when the international prices of oil declined during the month of September which has led neighbouring India to reduce petrol prices” Khan questioned.

Khan also asked why the government is not prepared to cut its lavish lifestyle, huge mansions and frivolous expenditures Khan declared that PTI rejects these price hikes and will protest in the Assemblies and across the country. The government has become anti-people and has betrayed the mandate given to it by the Pakistani nation.

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