Imran Khan condemned US President Obama’s to attack Syria on suspicion use of chemical weapons

Peshawar: Chairman PTI, of Imran Khan today strongly condemned US President Obama’s unilateral decision to attack Syria on suspicion use of chemical weapons.

Khan stated that the issue is being investigated by the UN’s inspectors and any action based on the report submitted by these inspectors must be premised on and have sanction of the UNSC under Chapter VII of the Chapter.

“Unilateral military action against a sovereign member state of the UN is against the UN Charter and international law and the powerful cannot be allowed to break these international norms with impunity,” Khan declared.

The Chairman PTI reiterated that President Obama’s decision to seek US Congressional approval for unilateral military action was an internal political issue and not a source of international legitimisation.

“Even in that context, Secretary of State Kerry’s declaration that Congressional approval was not required was a reflection of the militaristic policies displayed by the Obama Administration during its previous and present tenure in office.

Khan pointed out that Pakistan has suffered from this US cavalier militaristic approach in the illegal drone attacks against its citizens.

“It is time respect for international law and the collective security system defined in Chapter VII of the UN Charter was reasserted by the international community,” Khan emphasised. That is the only way to protect the global community from intra state and interstate excesses and abuse, Khan concluded.

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