Industrial load shedding termed treason with economy

KARACHI: Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) is bent to ruin Pakistani industry with its innovative plan of 8-hour-a-day load shedding in industrial areas and the government should take strong notice of this deep-rooted conspiracy against the national economy, demanded Pasban.

Pasban Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor and Pasban Public Issues director Abubaker Usman here Thursday in a joint statement said that the KESC is playing a role of modern edition of East India Company to damage Pakistani economy. They said eight-hours-a-day load shedding in the industrial areas is aimed at exploiting industrialists and harming Karachi industry, the backbone of Pakistani economy. They said this unprecedented load shedding is in fact an act of treason to the national economy, but strangely the government instead of intervening into this highly sensitive issue is playing the role of silent spectator.

They said there is no logic of load shedding in industrial areas, as the industrialists pay their 100 percent bills on time and this sector is free from power theft. They said the conspiracy to ruin Pakistani industry is a waking call for the caretaker government to take action for saving national interests.

They said the KESC’s policy towards Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) is based on sheer blackmailing. The KESC instead of blackmailing consumers and gas supplier should immediately pay its dues of Rs46billion to the SSGC. They said the supply of gas quota to KESC is linked to timely payment of SSGC bills but the KESC is not paying its due of Rs46bn to get full supply of gas from SSGC. Instead it is blackmailing whole Karachi by increasing the hours of load shedding. They asked why the KESC is defaulter of SSGC when it timey recovers 100perdent bills from the industrial area.

Pasban leaders said this is not only tail-twisting politics of KESC but also a grave conspiracy against the Pakistani economy. They said the KESC is a foreign controlled company and its East India Company modelled policies are a matter of deep concern for patriotic people of Pakistan. They requested the Pakistani officers of the company to end the industrial load shedding in the larger interests of nation and country. They requested the caretaker rulers to open their eyes and stop this evil plan to doom Pakistani industry and economy on emergency basis.

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