IT Anusha Rahman takes notice about high rates of International incoming calls

Islamabad: The Minister of State for Information Technology Anusha Rahman said that ICH agreement needs to be revisited and reassessed to make it beneficial for Telecom sector as well as to the government.

She further took notice about the exorbitant international incoming call rates and directed the ICH consortium to reduce the rates and provide maximum relief to the expatriates.

While chairing a high level meeting with LDI operators‚ the Minister constituted a committee of representatives from MoIT‚ PTA‚ LDIs‚ PTCL‚ and law enforcement agencies for establishing an effective monitoring system to curb Grey Traffic and submit report within three days in this regard.

It has been observed by the Minister that the international incoming traffic has declined over a period of time; however the reason behind it could not estimated due to the nonavailability of requisite data.

Without the monitoring system in place‚ it is merely a speculation whether the decrease of incoming call is due to Grey Traffic or otherwise.

The Minister also directed to constitute another committee that would solve the payment issues of APC for USF.

The committee would help in making out of court settlements regarding the pending payment cases of Rupees 32 million from some operators which are already in courts.

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