Jaffar Mandokhel

ZHOB: Uplift of Zhob and prosperity of its people and changing their lifestyle is our politics and recognition. To make Zhob a beautiful city would be his priority.

This was stated by Shaikh Jaffar Mandokhel a candidate on Balochistan Assembly and national Assembly form Zhob said while addressing big electoral public meetings at Killi Wayala Ghazni and Killi Wayala Sherak Wednesday.

Ghani Dad, Gul Hassan Kakar and others announced to support Jaffar Mandokhel. They said they would case their precious vote for the progress and development of area to Jaffar Mandokhel.

Jaffar Mandokhel thanked elders and people for their support for him he said this time great success of ours would be success of Zhob. We do politics for Zhob but opponents are in the field to stop way of development and our ongoing mission.

Meanwhile a meeting was held in Gharibabad by Christian community who announced full support for Jaffar Mandokhel.

Jaffar Mandokhel told them that to him all nations and community in Zhob are equal and their rights are also equal.

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