JI condemns death sentence to JI Bangladesh leader

KARACHI: Ameer, Jamaat-e-Islami, Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan, has strongly condemned the death sentence awarded to Secretary General, JI Bangladesh, Ali Ahsan Mujahid, by the so-called War Crimes Tribunal in Bangladesh.

In a statement here on Wednesday, he said that BD Prime Minister Hasina Wajid, at India’s behest, wanted to remove religious leaders and Islam lovers from her way through the so-called War Crimes Tribunal but it was facing strong reaction from the masses in her country as millions of people were on roads to protest against Indian interference and the so-called war trials.

Hasan said that no court all over the world could accept the five charges levelled against Ali Ahsan Mujahdi nor could he be given death sentence by any law court. However, the so called War Crimes Tribunal had announced capital punishment to Ali Mujahid in three of these cases which was sheer mockery of justice.

He said that the struggle of Prof Ghulam Azam and other JI leaders to save the united Pakistan from split was constitutional and lawful. Indian forces had entered the eastern wing of Pakistan and it was the moral and legal duty of patriotic citizens to support the Pakistan army. He said this could be a case against Pakistan government and Islamabad should have fought the cases of the JI leaders.

Hasan pointed out an agreement was reached between ZA Bhutto and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman that the past events would not be opened and no one would be tried for war crimes. He said that Hasina Wajid had managed the trial of Prof Ghulam Azam and other JI leaders by the so-called Tribunal only to save itself from a crushing defeat in the coming elections. He said that the Pakistan governments after Bhutto did not give any importance to the matter because of which the people supporting Pakistan in the 1971 events were facing state oppression even after 43 years after the fall of Dhaka.

He appealed to the Muslim rulers to play their role in stopping the state oppression going on against religious leaders in Bangladesh. He also urged the International Court of Justice to undo the biased and unlawful convictions of the JI leaders in Bangladesh.

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