JI female wing stage protest against killing in Egypt

Peshawar: Jamaat-e-Islami female wing on Tuesday staged a protest rally against the killings in Egypt and demanded of the members countries to call meeting of Organization of Islamic Countries OIC.

The protestors, who were in veil were holding placards and banners inscribed with slogans to condemn the killings in Egypt and demanded release of President Mursi.

led by JI Provincial Amir Professor Mohammad Ibrahim, Balqis Murad and Rashid Zafar, member provincial assembly the protestors marched on Sher Shah Suri road and chanted slogans and expressed solidarity.

JI leader Professor Ibrahim in his speech said that Mursi is still legal president of Egypt and the day will come that Islamic government in Egypt will be formed once again.

Balqis Murad while addressing the female protestors strongly condemned the killings of peaceful protestors and demanded that OIC should call its meeting in emergency and members country should send their peace forces to Egypt to maintain peace.

She demanded of those countries which accepted new government of Egypt to withdraw their acceptance and condemned the removal of legal and democratic government of President Mursi.

She said that Mursi is the legal government of Egypt therefore his governemnt must be restored forthwith

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