Kachhi canal

CHATTAR: Work on Kachhi Canal an important project of Balochistan was stopped during previous regime. Due to floods digging has been destroyed and there is apprehension so far billions of Rupees to go waste.

According to details government prior to PPP government started work on Kachhi Canal to irrigate 0.8 million acres of land. Phase-I was completed in Punjab while some work was also done on Phase-II in Dera Bugti. Under Phase-III work was going on in Nasirabad Chattar Shah Pur. By then PPP government has come into existence. Work on this canal was stopped due to connivance of contractors and government on the pretext of law and order situation.

Billions of Rupees funds released by federal government were eaten up through documented work. Digging completed was destroyed due to stoppage of work because hill torrent destroyed Kachhi canal completely. Had this project completed it would have irrigated 800,000 acres of land in Dera Bugti, Nasirabad and Kachhi areas benefitting lakhs of people of the area in agriculture sector and hundreds of people could get employment.

There have been role of political leaders during the previous regime to create hurdle in the completion of Kachhi canal. There are still political leaders who do not want to see people of Balochistan prosperous in any way.

People have great expectations form present federal and provincial governments that they would restart work on Kachhi Canal so that province could return to prosperity. Elements involved in creating hurdle in its completion would also be unveiled.

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