Karachiites enraged with POL price hike

Karachi: The Karachiites felt shocked and enraged to witness the continuation of the same old policy from the new government of raising prices of petrol and diesel to boost revenue.

The authorities announced an increase of Rs2 per litre in petrol price and that of Rs 2.16 in high speed diesel HSD.

A housewife, Amna, expressed her anguish, saying that they had thought that with new government in place, the government would provide some relief to common man but instead the government is following the footsteps of its predecessors.

A businessman, Ali, who deals in motorcycles, said that his business was badly affected due to the hike in prices. “Motorcycles only consume petrol so with increase in petrol prices people prefer to travel by public transport in order to avoid extra expense.”

Business community is also feeling the consequences of hike in the petroleum prices. Speaking on the issue, All Pakistan Organization of Small Traders and Cottage Industries APOST&CI Karachi chapter President Mahmood Hamid, said that industries were badly affected from the hike in diesel prices as the transportation of raw material is dependent on fuel prices. “With an increase in price of diesel, the prices of products automatically go up.”

Although most of the public transport is converted into CNG from diesel but still commuters also suffer from hike in prices of petroleum products.

A commuter, Mohammad Irfan, who usually travels in public transport to reach office, said that after every announcement in increase of petroleum prices, the bus owners immediately increase their fares.

When contacted over the issue, Karachi Transport Ittehad Chairman Irshad Bokhari said that they were privately running the business of transport so it was impossible for them to bear the hike in petrol prices. “We regulate our prices with the passage of time. It is a wrong perception that we had not lowered our prices.

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