KCCI concerns on Rehman Malik statement

Karachi: Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry KCCI has expressed deep concern over the revelation of Federal Interior Minister that there was information of severe terrorist attack/ massacre in Karachi next month.

KCCI in a statement here Wednesday demanded that Government must not confine its responsibility to reveal advance information but must take immediate practical measures to eradicate chances of happening/threats of terrorist attack as Karachi is the economic hub of the country. It is the prime responsibility of the Government to tackle with iron hands the internal and external threats/dangers to the economy.

At time when caretaker government is near to setup, revealing of dangerous plans will naturally affect the economic and commercial activities. The business and industrial community has been made hostage of very powerful mafia and their lives and property along with the businesses and homes have become unsecure and vulnerable. Recurring criminal activities of Extortion bhatta, target killing, firing, kidnapping for ransom have shocked and terrified the business and industrial community compelling to think of businesses closures and secure the lives of family members.

KCCI said in such difficult and horrific times when hundreds of members of the business community have been martyred, the business and industrial community is practically deprived of facilities provided worldwide and has been forced to give extortion bhatta along with taxes and target killing of businesspersons increasing every coming day, the KCCI is performing with heavy heart.

KCCI has been continuously drawing attention of the Government but received only momentary assurances and short-lived measures and the deployment of law enforcing agencies is revoked to protect the privileged class. Government’s promise to provide 500 police personnel was never fulfilled.

In the prevailing precarious situation and circumstances KCCI’s former President Mian Abrar’s nephew and former Managing Committee Member Mian Taimoor and his father Mian Arbab and business leader of electronics market Muhammad Irfan have been brutally assassinated.

The business and industrial community feel insecure in the wake of juvenile assurances of the Government and when the business and industrial community intends to take any extreme step is being forced to abstain from strikes and sit-in and to accord chance to control the situation but in vain as no practical steps are taken.

Time is being passed understanding the responsible and thoughtful attitude and decisions of the business and industrial community as weakness. The business community demands permanent solutions.

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