Kite-string gash cases on rise in Karachi

Karachi: Kite-string cut cases are on the rise in Karachi putting many innocent lives, especially of children on danger. With weather turning cloudy pleasant in pre-monsoon season the kite-flying is on full swing, especially in middle and low income localities and so are the cases of kite-string injury.

The most worrisome aspect of the kite-injury cases in Karachi is that now children with serious kite-string gashes are also being brought to hospitals and the survival chances of the little ones in these cases are very low, said head of the ENT department of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital Prof S Khalid Ashrafi.

He said in the cases of adults the survival chances in kite-string cut cases are better as skin, muscles and veins of fully grown up people are strong. However, in case of children with their soft skin and less sturdy muscles and veins their survival chances when their throats cut with sharp kite-string are dismally low.

Dr Ashrafi said on Sunday evening a seriously injured boy was rushed to their hospital with a critical gash of kite-string in his throat. He said an emergency surgery was arranged and the life of five-years-old Hussnain was miraculously saved. He said this was a rare case in which the life of a minor with serious kite-string cut was saved. Hussnain son of Aslam, a resident of Sindhi Hotel North Karachi was pillion riding with his uncle when a sharp kite-string seriously injured him on Shahrah-e-Pakistan near Yusuf Plaza. His uncle rushed him to the ASH with the skin and some veins of his through cut, where the doctors saved his life.

Dr Ashrafi said the emergency of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital is well-equipped and well-staffed to deal with such serious trauma cases. He said many serious gunshot cases are brought here on daily basis. He said in kite-flying seasons about half a dozen kite-string gash cases are also brought here every month, many of them related to children.

He appealed to the provincial government and the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) to immediately ban the kite-flying in the city. He said serious action should be taken against those selling very sharp chemically-treated kite string in Karachi.

Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) central office-bearers Dr Qaiser Sajjad, who himself is an ENT surgeon, also expressed serious concern on the open selling of what he called ‘the killer kite-string’ in Karachi and asked immediately banning it.. He said in Lahore and other cities of Punjab this menace is being effectively controlled due to stern administrative measures. He said our government should also take very strong steps to stop selling of such kite-string in Karachi. He said the PMA has been raising voice in this regard for long; however, the administration is yet to take effective measures to save precious life of Karachiites, especially children.

He also demanded to enhance capacities of the government hospitals of the city, particularly their ability to deal with trauma and emergency cases. He said the government hospitals are the last hope of millions of poor people who cannot approach the costly private hospitals and the government should ensure that the healthcare budget is properly spent on the government hospitals to facilitate the citizens.

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