KMC turning blind eye to corruption in E&IP dept

KARACHI: Director Enterprise & Investment Promotion (E&IP) Khalid Hashmi revealed that big corruption was going on in the department of E&IP, which was even notified to Administrator Karachi Rauf Akhter Farooqui; however, no action was carried out in this regard yet.

He told PPI on Wednesday that Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) was previously charging Rs3 per square yard for setting up a Bachat Bazaar and then it was raised this year in the budget up to Rs25/ sq yd; however Bachat Bazaar managements were still being charged at the rate of Rs3/ sq yd and even that money was not being deposited in government’s account.

Hashmi said it was also deplorable that some Bachat Bazaar owners were considering cleaning challan charged by district municipal corporations (DMCs) as NOC for establishing the bazaars.

“There are 79 legal Bachat Bazaars in whole the city, while over 150 bazaars are being set up illegally, including the bazaars under the supervision of DMCs who do not have any legal right to set up a bazaar,” he said.

Sources from revenue and recovery department told PPI that E&IP had yet recovered not more than 0.5 percent revenue of their targeted amount for current fiscal year.

“E&IP had been given the target to generate Rs75 million in the budget 2014-15, however the department has yet recovered less than Rs0.3m,” the sources said.

They said due to very irregular and bad recovery situation E&IP department was given notice to justify their position.

Hashmi said on the other hand employees of 7 and 12 grade were working in E&IP on the post of assistant and deputy director of the department.

Senior Director E&IP said due to shortage of staff they were unable to handle such a big business.

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