Koki Khel grand jirga could not create consensus for N45 candidate

LANDIKOTAL: Koki Khel grand jirga could not create consensus for NA45 candidate.

Political parties’ leadership at Jamrud made it clear that any tribal jirga under the influence of any rich candidate cannot force them to surrender to contest election on NA45 Khyber Agency.

Koki Khel grand tribal jirga was held here on Saturday at pump house in Jamrud which was largely participated by tribesmen from every walk of life. Some of the jirga’s elders had a covert agenda to create consensus among the jirga to choose Al Haj Shah Jee Gul as their solely candidate from NA45 Khyber Agency, told an insider of the jirga.

Malik FaizUllah Jan reportedly moved the suggestion in the jirga by asking the participants to approve Al Haj Shah jee Gul as their unanimous candidate from NA45 Khyber Agency, but was abruptly interrupted by Malik IkramUllah Jan, General Secretary of PMLN who negated his suggestion by arguing that political parties are not willing to surrender their candidates in favour of Shah Jee Gul nor any decision could be imposed on them in this regard.

JI leader from Jamrud Bakht Jamal told on phone that Koki Khel tribe failed to build any consensus to favour any one candidate rather the Jirga allowed the tribesmen to cast their votes in favour of their favourite candidates. He said that some influential tried his level best to convince the jirga to favour Shah Jee Gul, but was disappointed when majority of the jirga’s participants and the leadership of the political parties rejected his proposal.

This is violation of the election rules to force any one to favour any one special in election rather it is a choice of every adult to cast his/her vote freely. Jirga or influential cannot force people to favour their likes in election, an insider said, adding that political parties’ leadership would also hold a press conference in this regard in Peshawar to make it clear that no consensus had been built during the jirga.

It has also been learnt that some of the elders including Malik Fiaz Ullah Jan assured the political parties that the Koki Khel jirga would never force them to accept their decision, adding that the elders allowed the parties to float their candidates and that Jirga’s decision was not binding upon them. So a result, the jirga’s move badly failed to create consensus to ask the Koki Khel tribesmen to vote for Shah jee Gul, Bakht Jamal concluded.

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