KP govt takes lack of interest in mitigating problems of the people of Chitral, bibi jan

Peshawar: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz PMLN Women Wing President District Chitral Bibi Jan has expressed her grave regret over PTI-led Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government for taking lack of interest in mitigating problems of the people of Chitral.

Speaking at press conference here at Press Club on Monday, she thanked to the Federal and Punjab governments for sending relief packages of 50 trucks to flood affectees in the district while the KP government did nothing to the flood-stricken residents of different parts of Chitral.

She lamented that prior to the flood, the dwellers of Chaghur area in main city of the district were demanding for their safety but unfortunately, the provincial took no such steps for their safeguard.

The flood, Bibi Jan claimed after three days, it came and destroyed the villages and washed away homes and precious things. However, she added other parts of the district were also swept away by the flash flood including Bamboret, Rambor, Taurko, Morkho, Reshan and others.

She maintained that due to the flood, linked bridges, roads and other communication system were damaged and students plodding through the creeks while going to their schools, which is a high risk to the children.

She said her party chief; Prime of Minister Mian Nawaz Shareef was the only hope to resolve their troubles. Bibi Jan, therefore, demanded of prime minister of Pakistan to pay a visit to the district in order to know issues being faced by them.

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