KWSB concerned over cut in water supply by Wapda

KARACHI: Managing Director Karachi Water & Sewerage Board KWSB Misbahuddin Farid expressing his concern over unannounced decrease in water supply quota from Wapda stated that it is not fair to the citizens of Karachi during the month of Ramadan when the demand is already increased.

He said that Karachi receives 100 million gallons of water supply daily and KWSB supplied it to North Karachi, Baldia Town, Sher Shah and adjoining areas. WAPDA is currently supplying us with 85 million gallons of water daily, causing water shortage in North Karachi, Baldia and other densely populated areas, added Misbah Farid. He said that due to Ramazan, demand had already increased and it would further increase during last Ashra of Ramazan when people would also observe Aitekaaf and citizens would need more water for abolition and other prayers in houses and in mosques, however, we were facing troubles due in the current situation.

KWSB Chief also requested Elected National and Provincial representatives to take notice of the situation and notify WAPDA on supply to Karachi from Hub Dam so that the supply is restored to 100 million gallons. He said that KWSB had notified Project Director Hub Dam about the problem several times but 100 million gallon supply has not been restored yet.

MD KWSB said: “If the quota is not restored within few days, areas getting supply from North East Karachi Pumping Station could face severe water shortage. Citizens are also facing trouble during the holy month of Ramazan.” He hoped that WAPDA would restore 100 MGD supply soon.”

He said that supply is often disrupted due to electric disruption and in current situation KWSB is facing severe troubles in supplying water to the citizens of these areas. Later on, M.D KWSB directed Chief Engineers of distribution system to formulate a new strategy to cope with the current situation and stay in full coordination with WAPDA Officials. He hoped that KW&SB officers would ensure swift supply during Ramadan.

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