KWSB men asked to redress public complaints

Karachi: Managing Director Karachi Water & Sewerage Board Misbahuddin Farid has stated that DMT Technical Services, Concerned Chief Engineers and officers would answerable to elected representatives and citizens directly.

Addressing a meeting with DMD Technical Services, Chief Engineers, Superintendent Engineers and Executive Engineers at Sakhi Hassan Hydrant, he said Officers and Staff have been notified several times to take measures against water shortage, Chief Engineer, Superintendent Engineer and other officers must visit their concerned areas. Visiting registers must be placed at all places and Officers would inscribe necessary details, complaints and actions taken against the concerned officer, he added.

During the meeting issues related to water supply and sewerage were discussed. Performance was judged on the basis of zones and complaints were observed in the same manner. Chief Engineer WTM Anwar Saeed and Superintendent Engineer Asif Qadri have been relieved from duties pertaining to Hub Damn and Chief Engineer Ovais Malik and S.E Ali Muhammad Durrani would replace them. Whereas, D.M.D TS would be responsible for ensuring 110 million gallons of water supply from Hub Damn and leakages would be stopped immediately.

He said that despite clear directives records are not maintained on Pumping Stations. Cleanliness, Maintenance must be given first priority, all Chief Engineers must ensure that their subordinates show 100% attendance and pays off absentee staff would be deducted. Problems are only expanding due to absence of ground staff’s unavailability on the field. They must not keep themselves bound to the offices and ensure that they carry out regular field visits. XENs must specially ensure that they monitor valve operations since most of the complaints are pertaining to valve issues.

He said that WTM and Water Supply lack coordination therefore both departments must ensure mutual cooperation. DMD TS would be responsible for ensuring that both departments work with mutual cooperation especially during the last Ashra of Ramazan when demand increases substantially, swift and fair supply to all areas must be ensured. On this occasion DMD TS briefed MD KW&SB that Officers rely on Junior Staff for completion of tasks and their negligence creates most of the problems. Officers are often not present in meetings.

Taking notice of shortage in North Karachi M.D KW&SB said that due to line leakages millions of gallons of water is wasted and reports have been received that in some areas such as Ajmair Nagri people use potable water from leakages for baths and open their valves. On the other hand, valve men report that officers are not giving due attention. Moreover, it seems that officers are also neglecting Elected Representatives and their complaints. Strict actions would be taken against any such complaints.

He also pointed out different problems found during his visits and mentioned that a pictorial record of all issues is in record. Currently we have good level of water at Dhabeji and Gharo pumping stations therefore supply must be increased from these stations to overcome water shortage. He said that Officer must ensure swift supply and stop water theft especially in Banarash, Bheem pura, Ajmair Nagri and other such areas. He said that SE and XENs must fulfil their duties.

He further directed that C.Es must select their staff on merit, especially accounts officers and corrupt accountants must not be appointed on any posts and dual charges must be taken back immediately. He said that supply must be ensured in 9th Mile, Defence, North Karachi, GulistaneJauhar, Orangi, North Nazimabad and adjoining areas. He strictly directed that all Officers must stay in the field during last Ashra of Ramadan to ensure supply and cover all open manholes.

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