Larkana Development Package: A citizen moves SHC to probe misappropriation of funds, notices issued

Larkana, Sindh: Constitutional petition No: 166 of 2013 has been filed under article 199 of the Constitution by a citizen Bashir Ahmed Abbasi in Sindh High Court Circuit Court, Larkana, against respondents Ms. Faryal Talpur, MNA of NA207, Dr. Shafqat Soomro, former taluka Nazim Ratodero, Ayaz Soomro, MPA & Law Minister of Sindh, Aleem Lashari, former DCO Larkana, DC Assadullah Abro, Khaliq Dino Mirani former EDO Works & Services/Project Director, Larkana Development Package Larkana, Altaf Hussain Soomro former DO roads, Asghar Abbas, DG NHA, Noor Nabi secretary NHA, District Accounts Officer Larkana, Chief Officer/TMO Larkana, government of Sindh through secretary works & services and federation of Pakistan through Chairman, NHA Islamabad.

In the petition the petitioner has prayed the court to order for constitution of a commission based on honest town planners and other technical personnel/officers of some other district, particularly of Karachi including the representatives of civil society to probe into the ill planning, alleged misappropriation/embezzlement of the public money/funds of Larkana Development Package on large scale by the respondents by using the name of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Sahiba.

The petitioner also prayed to pass an order that anyone whoever is found guilty of misappropriation of the funds/money of LDP the same may be recovered from him/them irrespective of his status.

The court issued notices to AAG Sindh and other respondents to be present on 19.2.2013 at 8.15am for Katcha Peshi initial hearing failing which the matter will be decided in their absence.

The petitioner has said in this petition that after the elections in 2008 when PPP government took over the government, apart from other development schemes, a scheme titled as Development and Beautification of Larkana City was announced/launched by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, for which funds of 12 billion rupees were allocated. The package included reconstruction of the roads, sewerage/drainage line, public streets and other development work. Consequently the funds were released as matching grant by the federal government as well as provincial government of Sindh on 50 + 50 basis for the development of dilapidated infrastructure of Larkana city and the rest of old Larkana district.

He further said in the petition that it is an open secret by now that there being no check & balance in the country, the government funds, which are being released from time to time are being frequently misappropriated by the government functionaries and every day the reports of huge corruption scandals are being telecast/published in the electronic and print Media some of which are pending in the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

He further said that the LDP scheme was approved 3 to 4 years back and some of the roads have been built in Larkana city but with ill planning & substandard material due to corruption on large scale by the respondents. During the rainy seasons the rain water collects on the roads and there being no arrangement of proper flow/disposal most of the roads have developed craters at various places and some of the newly constructed road have been completely destroyed like Subhanallah Chowk leading towards Ghinti Phatak railway crossing and the road leading to overhead bridge.

He further said that none of the roads of Larkana city have been improved or widened and in fact no significant development work has been done as a result the inhabitants of Larkana town are facing the problems of traffic jams, polluted air, filth & stagnant sewerage/drainage water on roads and frequent accidents. The roads are getting narrowed on account of no implementation of the municipal laws.

He further said that internal drains, streets and the roads have also been constructed with substandard material. The major portion of the development grant has been usurped and till date nobody has taken pains to see and check the condition of Larkana city. He further said that due to apathy on the part of government functionaries the condition of entire Larkana town has deteriorated and the town is presenting the view of an abandoned town.

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