Malik Baloch announces Rs 198.395 b Budget 201314

QUETTA: Balochistan coalition government headed by Dr Abdul Malik Baloch presented its first budget with total outlay of Rs. 198.395 billion showing a deficit of Rupees 7.942 billion.

Budget speech was made by provincial Chief minister Dr Abdul Malik Baloch in Balochistan Assembly here Thursday.

Speaker Jan Muhammad Jamali presided over the session which was adjourned till Sunday.

Malik Baloch said that Rupees 198.395 billion budget 201314 includes Rupees 43.913 billion development budget having foreign cooperation of Rupees 3.981 billion. He said this year no development budget would be of Rs. 154.482 billion. It includes Rs. 123.274 billion from divisible pool, Rupees 14.201 billion direct transfers, others Rupees 17.454 billion and capital receipts 3.652 billion. Total income has been estimated Rupees 190.453 billion showing a deficit of Rupees 7.942 billion.

Malik Baloch announced 15 percent increase in salaries of government employees from Grade 1 to 16 and 10 percent for Grade17 and above. He also announced 15 percent increase pension of retired government employees.

He said 4493 new vacancies will be created in the coming financial year. He said that the new budget includes Rs 43.913 billion of Annual Development Program and Rs 154.482 billion of Non Development expenditures.

Chief Minister said that Rs 16.236 billion have been allocated for law and order which is 16.66 percent more than previous year.

He said for deteriorating law and order situation it is necessary law enforcement agencies and forces should be fully assisted and they should be brought at par with modern world to restore exemplary and historic peace. Our law enforcers he added are faced with terrorism, target killing, sectarianism, abduction for ransom and other serious crimes. Several officers and official have lost their lives. Several others have become disabled. Despite all this our law enforcers were discharging their obligation boldly for maintaining law and order.

He said issue of missing persons is linked with law and order situation. It is our clear stand without end to recovery of mutilated dead bodies and recovery of missing persons and rehabilitation of migrated people ending religious sectarianism and establishing religious brotherhood we cannot go forward. It is heartening that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has adopted positive stand and assured of every possible cooperation. Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar has also agreed at the floor of the National assembly. He expressed confidence that after resolution of basic problems there would be basic change in the atmosphere of Balochistan.

He said in view of key importance of process of education in the overall development of society education sector gets topmost priority in our development strategy. He said Rs 34898.635 million have been earmarked for Education sector. He said to propularise education and improving its standard in the province all available resources and capabilities would be moblised.He said higher education commission would be setup in the province for high level and standard education. New modern scientific and technical based education system would be enforced to replace outdated present system which w would provide equal opportunities to all the citizens. He said Balochistan Endowment Fund has been established at an allocation f Rupees 5 billion which shows our seriousness in this sector.

He aid Rs 15233.578 million have been earmarked for health sector during next financial year. Bolan Medical College will be given medical university status.

Balochistan Chief Minister said that Rs 4.5 billion have been allocated for Reko Diq and other profitable projects. Rupees 1.609 billion have been earmarked for mineral sector.

“The provincial government has earmarked Rs 7.870 billion for agricultural sector. Special financial aid package would be given to agriculture sector to boost the agri-economy of the province.

He said that Rs 8.185 billion have been allocated for Energy Sector. He revealed that Rs 2 billion have been set aside in new budget to start solar energy projects which would electricity nearly 300 villages. Agri tube wells would be converted on solar energy to reduce financial burden. Government buildings would also be brought on solar energy system. Rupees 450 million have been proposed for these projects. Rupees 500 million would be invested for generating electricity from coal.

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