MD NESPAK posting not contrary to PEC rules: Prof. Dr. Jameel

Karachi: Pakistan Engineering Council PEC, which is the right forum for regulating consulting services in Pakistan, has not invoked any law against the appointment of present Managing Director of NESPAK, according to Prof. Jameel Ahmad Khan, former Chairman PEC, former Vice Chancellor of NED University of Engineering and Technology and a former Director of NESPAK Board.

He said that he had been the Chairman of PEC and certainly knew that there was a provision under Clause 3 of the Conduct and Practice of Consulting Engineers Byelaws of PEC 1986 that an engineering consulting firm should be owned by professional engineers.

However, the equity of the multidisciplinary consultancy firm NESPAK is wholly owned by the State and as such it is exempted from the application of this law.

“Lately, it has been extremely distressing to note that some politically motivated elements are out to destroy the flourishing business and reputation of NESPAK by bringing its President and Managing Director Asad I. A. Khan, into disrepute,” he added.

He said that they are not bothered to discuss the excellent conduct of business of the consultancy firm. Objections have been raised that the Managing Director is not a professional engineer. It is true that Asad I. A. Khan, the grandson of Nawab Ismail Khan, one of the founders of Pakistan, is an architect by profession and that too an architect of the first water.

He said that he has been on the Board of Directors of NESPAK for over a decade, but he never came across any impediments to its conduct of consultancy business, when Asad I. A. Khan took over as the Managing Director in 2009.

He said that when Asad I. A. Khan was appointed as the Managing Director of NESPAK, PEC Ordinance No. LVIII of 2009 was in currency.

The Sub-Section 5A of Section 27 was not attracted because the MD is not supposed to execute engineering works personally. He was required to manage the Private Limited Company, totally owned by the Federal Government.

After amendment of the PEC Act, 1976, by the Parliament in 2011, the “Power to Exempt” vested in the Federal Government is still retained under Section 29. At present, NESPAK has eleven Directors and only one of them is a professional engineer.

The Chairman of the Board is the Secretary Ministry of Water and Power, not necessarily an engineer. Therefore, the agitation against the continuation of Asad I. A. Khan as the Managing Director of NESPAK is ill-conceived and carries no legal weight, he concluded.

It is a matter of great satisfaction and pleasant surprise that in the entire landscape of State owned enterprises, NESPAK stood out extraordinary as a successful business enterprise.

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