Medical stores fleecing public going unchecked

ISLAMABAD: Majority of medical stores in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, which are continuously fleecing the poor patients by charging high prices and selling sub standard drugs, are going unchecked.

According to a survey conducted by this agency, a large number of medical stores are selling substandard medicines and that too at higher prices by putting self-made price tags. Residents of different areas of the twin cities claimed that the prices of medicines were being charged two times higher than the prices fixed by the authorities concerned.

They alleged that the chemists put self made price tags on various medicines and claim that these tags are put by the companies when the prices of already manufactured drugs increase. They alleged that the authorities had failed to stop this illegal practice of chemists.

They complained that the medical stores at private and government hospitals are also fleecing the general public and making big profits. They said majority of stores were selling local medicines on the rates of such medicines manufactured by the multinational companies.

They said even the patients going to the government-run pharmacies are also being overcharged. They said since these medical stores are located in hospitals premises, thus patients prefer to buy medicines from these stores instead of going outside the hospitals.

According to various doctors, most of the people have the impression that the medicines being sold by the medical stores located at the premises of private and government hospitals are comparatively cheaper and genuine. The residents urged the government to take necessary measures to control such unlawful practices and seal medical stores involved in profiteering and selling of substandard medicines. They also demanded strict action against those medical stores being run without mandatory licenses.

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