Minister calls upon the women community

Peshawar: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Information, Education and Social Welfare Mossarat Qadeem has called upon the women community to come forward and play their constructive role in the national development as an active partner of the developmental strategy of the country.

She was talking to the participants of a training workshop arranged in Islamabad by the women rights organization Paiman Trust in collaboration with an American NGO Institute for Inclusive Security on Monday.

The workshop will continue for a week in which a full-fledged discussion would be held on the social, economic, political and religious problems being faced by the women community living in all over the country. It would also be debated as how to enable the women folk play its constructive role in the national development.

The workshop also aims to know the problems faced by the Pakistani and Afghani women and to devise ways and means as how to increase the acumen and mental build-up of the women community in redressing the same problems and make them betterly apprise themselves of their rights in the society.

It is also the main objective of the workshop to enable the women folk equip themselves of the characteristics of a better partner of the society and to work for the success of the nation as a whole.

It was observed among the participants of the workshop that the wave of terrorism in the country and the world over had weakened the movement working for the achievements of the rights of the women community. It was also observed that due to poor raise in the literacy ratio the women community was facing hardships in going ahead towards their goal in conformity with the men.

The participants stated that lack of security had also disturbed the women community as majority of skilled and experienced ladies prefer to live in homes rather to go out and share their experiences in the national build up.

The workshop underlined the need for bringing changes in the tribal and capitalists systems and to curb the domestic high handedness being practiced in the Pakistani and Afghani society as it not only effected the women but it also had direct bad effects on the coming generation which also disturbed the social sector as well.

Addressing the participants of the workshop Mossarat Qadeem underlined the need for bringing the women to the forefront in the national development.

She also called for working for the upbringing of the downtrodden community in the society, including women and to give them their due status in the society.

She stated that the problems facing the Pakistani and Afghani women were different as compared to the women living in other international countries and it was the dire need of the hour to devise a viable strategy to bring the women community forward in the national set up.

The minister information also urged the media men, intellectuals especially those attached to the education sector to play their better and positive role and work for removing the bottlenecks in getting the due rights for the women.

The provincial minister lauded the efforts of the social welfare organizations in this connection and expressed the hope that with the development of education regarding women problems it would be very easy then to bring the women community to the national level and making it a part of the national development.

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