Minister for Finance calls on Prime Minister

Islamabad: Mr. Ishaq Dar, Minister for Finance called on Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif at PM’s House on Thursday and briefed him on the electricity tariff rationalization.

The Prime Minister stressed that low income groups must be protected at all costs. He added that almost 70% of power is being produced by using expensive furnace oil and only 30 % is produced from hydel and using inexpensive fuels.

The minister finance said that 67% of the total domestic users consume up to 200 units of electricity per month who are fully protected from the recent tariff.

He further said that the national exchequer has incurred heavy losses by not rationalization the tariff in the past.

Mr. Ishaq Dar said that the government is paying Rs. 167 billions subsidy to protect the domestic users, at the present.

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