Misuse of allowances rampant in government hospitals

Ratodero, Sindh: The Government of Sindh has allowed an increase in non-practicing allowance, Rural Incentive Allowance (RIA), Hard Work Allowance (HWA) and Casualty Allowance (CA) for medical officers on non-teaching side on the demand of the serving government doctors; however, many doctors are drawing these allowances without fulfilling their obligations to justify claiming these allowances.

The non-practicing allowance is given to the doctors who don’t have their private clinics but almost all doctors are running their private clinics without any check by the Health Department which negates the established policy of the government.

Finance Department allowed increase in these allowances vide its Notification No: FD(SR-III)5/40-2002(C), dated: 20th July 2011 in which NPA was increased from Rs:500-00 to 4000/- per month for BPS-17 & 18 doctors and from Rs:700-00 to Rs:6000/- per month for doctors of BPS-19 & 20. Likewise RIA was allowed to doctors of BPS-17 to 18 at the rate of Rs:8000/- per month medical doctors of BPS-19 & 20. HWA was also allowed at the rate of Rs:6000/- per month to medical doctors treating patients of notified infectious diseases such as TB, Swine Flu etc. and Casualty allowance at the rate of Rs:6000/- per month has also been allowed to Casualty Medical Officers/Senior Casualty Medical Officers serving in the Casualties and Trauma Centers.

Doctors are trying their best to get these allowances without consideration whether they are eligible or not for them. In this way taxpayers’ money is being wasted as there are lots of complaints against the Government doctors that they are not performing their duty properly.

These doctors are also allowed to draw these allowances even when they are doing post-graduation or are out of country availing ex-Pakistan leave, sources said. NPA is widely misused by all the doctors from BPS-17 to 20 as majority of them are running their private clinics in their respective areas. Doctors posted in non-infectious disease wards are also allowed to draw the relevant hard work allowance, which too need to be tackled as per rules.

The health department should introduce proper checks and balances to stop the misuse of the allowance by government doctors.

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