MPA meets KWSB chief with sewerage overflow complaints

KARACHI: Member of Provincial Assembly Shafi Mohammad Jamot visited Managing Director Karachi Water & Sewerage Board KW&SB Misbahuddin Farid and discussed problems faced by the residents of his elected area.

MD KWSB has directed that the problems pointed out would be resolved on priority basis. “Officers must work in coordination with elected representatives and area residents and resolve all issues pointed out by elected representatives with complete coordination with them,” he said.

Jamot told MD KWSB that sewerage overflow is a major problem faced by area residents. He said: “Sewerage waste from Landhi and Bhains Colony Cattle Colony chokes the sewerage system and causes overflow in the area. It is therefore necessary that the system is restored which will also ensure marine life safety since the sewerage is also endangering marine life.”

Requesting KWSB to ensure that the industrial waste must be disposed of in the sea after treatment, Jamot said that most of the his area residents are fishermen who depend on marine life for their bread and butter.

Farid instructed Project Director SIII to ensure that SIII feasibility must be submitted to elected representative so that he could take government approval. He said that KWSB had completed study for Combined Effluent Treatment Plant, however, progress was pending due to approval. Greater Karachi Sewerage Plan SIII would not only treat industrial but residential waste as well, therefore, approval of the project would allow KWSB to treat waste produced in Karachi, Farid added.

Jamot asked KWSB for the feasibility report so that he could acquire government approval. He also asked KWSB to clean the chocked lines with heavy machines.

MD KWSB thanking MPA Jamot said that he agreed with Jamot’s complaint. Owners of cattle farms in Bhens colony not only dispose of waste in the lines but are also using illegal connections causing water shortage in the area. He requested elected representatives to help KWSB.

Farid also directed officers concerned to cover all manholes to ensure that citizens of Karachi do not suffer during the rain and all sewerage lines must be cleaned.

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