Munawwar Hassan, Talal Bugti Press

QUETTA: Jamaat Islami Pakistan and Jamhoori Watan Party have called for convening All Parties Conference on lawlessness in the country prior to general elections. Non democratic forces were conspiring to sabotage elections which would be filed with the power of people.

These views were expressed for Amir JI Pakistan Syed Munawwar Hassan and President Jamhoori Watan Party Talal Bugti at a joint Press conference at Bugti House here Monday.

Munawwar Hassan said only 12 days are left for elections but no role of caretaker government is seen for holding peaceful free and fair elections. He said through APC people should be made aware that elections would be held in time and free and fair.

Answering a question about Taliban, he said if they have said anything then journalists should seek information from them what they wanted to say.

He said small and big parties would give surprise on May 11 and perhaps poltii8cal parties would not guess it. He aid situation has changed and with this people’s thinking has also changed. They now know everything who is with them and who is not.

Talal Bugti said talks have been held with Jamaat for seat to seat adjustment and decision to form a committee was also taken. He was of the view caretaker Chief Minister was representative of agencies and was protecting interests of agencies.
He said non democratic forces were conspiring elections but this would be filed with the power of masses.

Talal Bugti said an operation was undergoing in Dera Bugti and Kohlu for some days in which several jawans were killed.

This operation was maligning country. In the operation aircraft were being used. Several people have also been arrested. Under this situation elections cannot be held in districts of Dera Bugti and Kohlu.

He aid petition is being filed with Supreme Court and High Court within a day or so. Bugti people migrated from these districts cannot return to their areas unless situation is improved there. Unless they return elections should be postponed there. He aid operation as underway in Marri Bugti area, Nasirabad. He has spoken to General R Hameed Gul, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, and Syed Munawwar Hassan.

He aid Shah Zain Bugti was going to Dera Bugti along with his mother and others. He was stopped at Doli Check Post and asked if he possessed passport and Identity card. He was stopped from going to Dera Bugti and returned him. After his return security forces arrested more than 30 people and tortured them by removing their clothes. Condition of several of them is serious.

Welcoming Munawwar Hassan at Bugti House he said it is pleasing.

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