Musharraf fully pays taxes of his assets: APML

KARACHI: All Pakistan Muslim League APML Central Information Secretary Aasia Ishaque has refuted reports carried in some section of the print and electronic media regarding evasion of taxes by the APML Chief Pervez Musharraf.

She said that the APML chief had declared his assets to the Election Commission of Pakistan, which were subject to payment of taxes and the same was done in lines with the provisions of the law. The reports were not appropriate and were meant to defame the APML Chief.

She said that any citizen of the country that lived abroad for a limited period of 180 days was not liable to pay the taxes on his assets to the national chequer while his property was listed abroad. She regretfully stated that there were some in the print and electronic media that wanted to defame the APML Chief at the behest of his rivals. Those that carried such reports should have contacted the APML for the health of the reports.

She said that the APML Chief had neither left the country nor he returned to the country under any open or secret deal. The APML Chief had time and again had made it clear that he had returned to the country for contesting the forthcoming general elections. Therefore, none should worry about his position as he had to stay in the country.

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