N League leader hold corner meeting in Naudero

Naudero, Sindh: Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz PMLN candidate for PS37 Ameer Bakhsh Bhutto has said that democratic process should continue and elections should not be postponed & held on time and if elections are postponed then he feared the terrorists’ intentions will be strengthened. He said that before 2008 elections a great tragedy took place but elections were held on time.

This he said while addressing a corner meeting in Gharibabad locality here on Monday.

He said that present law & order situation in the country is due to the past government’s bad policies. He further said that talks are going on with the 10parties alliance and added that they have family terms with Ghinwa Bhutto and the results of ongoing talk with her will be made public as soon as these are finalized.

He urged the voters to use their vote with their conscious and never vote for those parties which plunged them into darkness, produced CNG & electricity load shedding, increased poverty & hunger as well as unemployment in the country and sold jobs even to their own workers and citizens of Bhutto leaders’ hometown.

His party workers including Javed Bhutto, Rahmat Bhutto and others were also present on the occasion.

Later he visited various people to offer his condolences. Meanwhile, PMLN ladies wing leader Zeenat Mumtaz Bhutto also addressed a corner meeting of women in the same area and urged the women to vote for dedicated & committed candidates who will serve them in the future but unlike the past rulers which plundered public money and looted their own voters.

She further said that they want to see Sindh to flourish and added that the people should now recognize their true friends.

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