NA speaker greets nation on Pakistan Day

Islamabad: Speaker National Assembly Dr. Fehmida Mirza has greeted the nation on the auspicious occasion of Pakistan Day and said that March 23 has a special significance in the history of subcontinent.

In her message, the Speaker said that 73 years ago, on this day the Muslim of South Asia, under the leadership of QuaideAzam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Lahore, resolved to work for independent Muslim state.

She said that the Lahore Resolution induced a new vigor and impetus to the movement of independence gave Muslim new sense of purpose and direction, said a press release issued here.

Dr Fehmida Mirza said that for centuries nonMuslims lived peacefully, enjoyed complete religious freedom under the Muslim rule in subcontinent, however the government which came in power under government of India Act, 1935 give a rude shock to the Muslims forcing them that their rights would not be protected with in a united India.

“They were thus left no choice except to demand independence not only from the Yoke of Colonialism but also from the Hindu domination” she said. The Speaker said that the QuaideAzam embodied Islamic principles of tolerance and humanism which encourage him to rally around, not only Muslim public opinion but also support from other minorities to demand and create a separate Muslim homeland.

“It is a tribute to his leadership and honesty of purpose that with in short period of seven years, he secured Pakistan against heavy odds through peaceful means” she said.

She said that while celebrating Pakistan day, it was incumbent upon us to resolve the spirit of national unity and follow the Quaid’s guiding principles of unity, faith and discipline “let us make a firm resolve to make all our efforts to achieve the objectives of creation of Pakistan and also to make Pakistan a strong and prosperous, democratic country where the will of the people, equality, justice and brotherhood reign supreme”.

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